19 August, 2020

How to write short book review with example, sample and type of book review for school students of famous book review in english

Write a book review? Nothing can be easier, if you love books and you are an educated and experienced reader ... In fact, even if you spend your whole life in the library and read at least two books a week, Writing books is not easy.

And I will try to give you some points on my experience. From a very young age I love the word written: I love to read and write, books of any kind and in any number of things. Every day of writing represents a great challenge for my words and an opportunity to enrich my knowledge as a writer.

However, when I first needed to write a book review for scholarly review, the writing process and the steps themselves were not easy. After almost a year of continuous practice and book reviews published more than five times I can say that I am the master of my words and am at the right level to find my own style. Much work remains to be done.

So, you might ask what exactly you need to write a successful book review? I will present my example.

Most importantly, careful preparation is required while studying. If you are reading a textbook, and pay attention to the notes. On your computer or in a notebook - the choice is yours, for me, I use a different, notebook, especially when talking about books in the field of anthropology, which is the basis of my studies and work - writing - Carefully specify page numbers: quotes you want to comment, your opinion on style, data and don’t be surprised or embarrassed too much that maybe some details were incorrect. This is a direct result of using and believing in the power of critical thinking and analysis. Copywriting is very important and you should give your readers more than just a story but a reliable new translation, a personal mark based on your background and imagination. Try to link the title of the book with the same type of stories and real books as well as the issues you have been interested in. When you are about to review a fictional book with a real story, you use analytical skills to make appropriate comparisons and point out differences, errors.

In planning your review, use as many categories as possible: what type does it relate to? What is the historical period and was it written? Who are the students who love this job? What are the strong points? What about weak points?

Do not hesitate to find the person and share your views. Whether you are writing for a published publication or blog, the reader will need to wish for something other than a simple reading on the cover of the book. Take a look at some of the reviews from the same book, and with the reviews, you can even analyze what others like and dislike about their methods.

It is important to follow your price plan - not just when it comes to writing, but to speak in general, in your daily life. Methods will be cleaned, modified and changed, but it is important that you use them when writing, and most importantly, when writing with books. Simply deciding "I like it" or "I don't like you" is not enough to convince your readers that you really have something to say.

Based on those processes, it is important to include a recommendation in your review: Why should I read this book? Worth my time - educated or not, time is the most important thing in our lives?

As well as the writing process, you need to keep your readers in mind: try to have a mental conversation with them, prepare a list of questions and answers that you may include in your review.

Some basic advice should be followed to keep it as clear and analytical as possible, not only when it comes to science books, but equally when your “victim” is a textbook: describe in a few words the narrative, the main story and the main character, as relationships between them. 

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