17 August, 2020

Indian independence history book (India's Struggle for Independence) By great historian Bipan Chandra

India's Struggle for Independence


India’s struggle for Independence book by Bipan Chandra for an thoroughly and detailed summary on Indian independence movement. Indian independence struggle is one of the most important parts of Indian history. A lot has been printed and said about it, but there still there are breaks between real story. Unfortunately we get to hear balance story of the sovereignty from the whole nation and not just one region at single place.

This book fits in absolutely in this gap and also provides a describing on the real contact this association had on the people. Bipan Chandra’s beautiful book “India's Struggle for Independence” is a well-managed history of India's freedom move violently against the british rule. It is one of the most perfect books which have been conscientiously written after thorough research based on officially authorized and applicable sources. It maps the first war of independence that started with Mangal Pandey’s noncompliance and witnesses the daring effort of Sri Rani Laxmi Bai.

Many of the pages of this book are devoted to Mahatma Gandhi as well as more freedom fighters of india. This book includes all the independence activities, size and impact on  covering whole India. Although these movements mixed in means and ideas, but they shared a common goal of independence. This book contains oral and written narratives from special parts of the India, making this book in the past rich and different. This book is captures the evolution of Indian independence struggle in full detail and leaves no chapter of this story untouched. This book is a good read for the school students of Indian modern history. AS well as who are preparing for competitive examination like UPSC  and have taken History as their subject for same exam.


Bipan Chandra (27 May 1928 – 30 August 2014)

About Bipan Chandra :

Bipan Chandra was born in Kangra (Himachal Pradesh) on 27 May 1928, his early education was in Urdu, and he graduated from Forman Christian College, Lahore, Stanford University, US and the University of Delhi. Bipan Chandra was one of the most appreciated historians of our all times. Between 2004 and 2012, he was the chair person of National Book Trust. He was also one of the leading powers that be on Mahatma Gandhi. Bipan Chandra also remain the broad-spectrum leader of National History Congress in 1985. He was a chief educator at JNU, New Delhi and also taught at Hindu College. Historian Bipan Chandra, a expert in trade and industry and opinionated history of India, he died on  30 August 2014 due to prolonged illness.

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