12 August, 2020

Short summary with notification review _ Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life – A book review

What is Ikigai ?

The beautiful peoples of Japan believe that each person has an ikigai. The simple term of IKIGAI is; the reason why you get out of bed in the morning. As we simplify in hindi as सुबह उठने का कारण .This book will give us the life-changing apparatus to discover your personal ikigai. It will show us how to leave importance behind things, find your perfect intention, usual friendships into your passions. 

Ikigai is in point of fact a mixture of our excitement, our target and our career. Our personal ikigai can be very understandable. The Japanese secret to a long and happy life you can positively find in your ikigai it will show how to leave urgency behind, and find our purpose, nurture, friendship and throw yourself to your passion. I individually believe that having a intention on in life and then giving it your all is the most important to lead a happy life. The authors of this book wish you a long, happy, and determined life. This book is written by Hector Garcia Puigcerver. 

Five Rules of Ikigai :

1. Stay active; don’t retire.

2. Surround yourself with good friends

3. Live in the moment

4. Connect with beautiful nature

5. Made your own Ikigai

Quick Highlights :

Anxiety and existential emergency : Many people’s are looking older than they are, health troubles are caused by anxiety, do loving work, find purpose of life, understand value of good thing are reason of same. 

Therapy: Logo treatment and Morita treatment are both high and dry in a personal, unique experience that you can access without therapists. 

Stream: To be in free environment, order to focus on a task we need, Control your every moments, are reason of flow, so that be smooth and enjoy every time. 

Okinawa : realized right away that time, Many people of Japan are never really retire, they believes in not man versus nature, Celebrations…. 

Secrets of the Centenarians : Japanes are believe in properly in Be optimistic, Nurture your friendships every day, mind and your body you keep both busy, keep your fingers busy all are solution of it. 

Prolonged existence Diet : Most of japans people found a own vegetable garden, Locals eat a wide mixture of foods, They eat at least own servings of fruits and vegetables every day, they eat fish an average of three times per week. 

Memorable Quotes : ‘ Fall Seven Times, Rise Eight ‘ — proverb of Japan

Ikigai is a short book based on a Japanese conception. According to this perception, we find the extremely sown function of our lives from within ourselves by significant our enthusiasm, duty, profession and occupation. It gives you tips as to how the simplest things in our life, are what will give us a long and happy life.

This book is full of facts, real life understanding from Japan’s compels you to focus more on you. your health, your choices, your focus and your internal pleasure. With language is as sophisticated and beautiful content for very beginner-friendly in the reading world.

It is International Bestseller Book, so must be ready and enjoy.

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