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Best book Swami and Friend by R. K. Narayan – an introductory way to read in the school

Swami and Friend is the best novel written by R K Narayan. He was renewed English literature writer from great India. He was already motivated form, Sir Graham Green, as well he published the same book in 1935. The main story of swami and their friend is related to friendship. 

Swami and Friend is the small story of Swaminathan with four best friends Somu, Sankar, Mani, and Pea. How to make friendship stronger is way today's life. Time is run……suddenly new boy arrival with their name as Rajam. But swami and Mani both absolutely hate Rajam. Until the time three friends comfort each other till they realize and accept Rajam. Later swami join the mob and protested and arrested them swami left the school but friendships were not cut each other. Here is a short and sweet summary of the book with the idea of a school breakup.

Swami and Rajma latterly organize a cricket club and daily routine practice. But unfortunately, he left the city. At the end of the story, at the railway station with a memorable day of two friends. The little moral of swami and friend is about a childhood memory, not forgettable will shown education system. In extra I want to tell you about Narayana's great skill in representation, this best novel also point-out the wisdom of humor with a scientific view. 

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Q-1: How many people acted in Swami and his friends?

Ans: There is the major role of Swaminathan, Somu, Shankar, Mani, and Rajam. 

Q-2: What is the junior Willard in the story Swami and Friends?

Ans; Junior Willard is one type of Bat 

Q-3: How is the title Monday morning appropriate for the first chapter of Swami and Friends?

Ans: The opening scene establishes Swami’s character as youthful and self-centered, with only childish concerns like finishing his homework on time. This small travail sets the stage for Swami to progress a much larger sense of accountability and consciousness of the world everywhere him. 

Q-4: Word puzzles from the book Swami and Friends.

Ans: Profit and loss puzzle

Q-5: Ten (10) adverbs from Swami and Friends.

Ans: simultaneously, unfortunately, bitterly, apparently, clearly, vigorously, carefully, resolutely, intolerable.

Q-6: Incidents most people like in the book Swami and Friends. 

Ans: Though it is set in a diverse time, all relate to Swaminathan when he is unenthusiastic to go to school on Monday sunrises, gets spanked by his teachers at school, has complications with his best friends, is chastised by his father for wandering out in the mid-afternoons, finds math difficult and dreams of owning a hoop and so on. It is a charming and youthful novel that even adults would enjoy reading and evoke about their infantile. 

Q-7 Where did sumo live in Swami and Friends?

Ans : Malgudi in Southern India.

Q-8: What happened at the end of the novel Swami and Friends?

Ans:  In the final scene of the book, Rajam is on a train leaving for another area in India. Swami tries to convince him, with the help of Mani, that they should vacation as friends, but Rajam declines to appear at him. 

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