22 September, 2020

Celebrate National Punctuation Day on 24th September 2020

National Punctuation Day observes all punctuation on September 24th every year. Do you know Jeff Rubin established National Punctuation Day in the year 2004 as a way to encourage the correct usage of punctuation in everyday life positively? Time to go so far we all are using a comma, a semicolon, a question mark and an exclamation point are examples of some of the punctuation used in writing without any hesitate. They unconnected sentences and their appropriate elements to clarify its positive meaning. Without using them, meaning would be lost or up for interpretation mainly.

Across the whole world, punctuation events test skill, educate and even poke fun at some of those uncomfortable mistakes. The founder Jeff Rubin of the performance sends out a experiment every year.

How to notice National Punctuation Day :-

As well which better way to observe punctuation than by usage it. There are so many unique way to punctuate your sentences – your ideas. 

You can also try for better a few suggestions:- 
  • Spend the day critiquing others’ mistakes. 
  • Carefully correct your own mistakes. 
  • Determine which of your service have a misplaced comma that might be to your benefit. 
  • To avoid punctuation al-together, just wide-ranging crossword puzzles all day. 
  • Write an error-free email and send it to everyone you know by without mistake. 
  • Try using every type of punctuation all the way through the day. 
  • Create a painting or collage of your favorite punctuation marks by students. 

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