12 September, 2020

Current Trends in Primary Education in India 2020

Advancement of computer and internet is change the whole scenario if education system as well as thinking skill of human are goes to down. And just now place of computers are taken by cellophane as we all are known as current trends in education. Everywhere and everything’s ho have find changes majorly in the couple of times and education included in the same period as well.

We already listened about fairy tales. Rip van winkles just walk up from his one hundred year sleep and thinking about amazement about so how much changed it. But without getting classroom he did not familiar with education system in KG to 12. My intention is not negative but the latest trend in primary education in those fruitful days the all most institutions should try their most of best to keep upward with the recent advance technology to good teach their direct patrons.

As per my view here are few of the popular and current trends in K -12 education 

1. Adopt internet and social media as best teaching tool :

Most off students are these days know very well trending technology. How to use social media network to share own thoughts' means no one can teach them they learn themselves by internet technology. 

2. Effect on circumstances of education services :

Recently US based one education organization held a survey of services given by school and found ideas related to how to effect goes to by school building in students mind. The conditions of school building are not good so Childs mind just un-sparked by it, so that batter facility is made very improved quality in education now. And the behavior of the teaching staff and how batter they teach their students seems to increased along with the largest improvement of the school.

3. Students learn to batter by teachers. 

When a learner performs well when they have the best prospect to ask their teachers to tell their well required in the classroom need improvement. If teachers are taking much interest in own subject to teaching and then learning and doing goes well after that find some good result itself. Students understanding are most important in education system.

4. Fulfill students needs :

Today teachers are not seen at their classroom as collective. They saw as individuals with individual need. As simple example, if child come late in lecture, don’t ask they why come late in the class but meet individually and give them personally attention. 

Above are my own ideas related to recent - current trends in primary education in India as well knowing education system. Is NEP 2005 is inculcated the whole system after implementations. New education policy is sign that the educational system in whole India is improving by the current trends.