10 September, 2020

Patriot Day as ‘Nine-Eleven’ 9/11 attack on world trade centre – fact information

How can we forget those days…….11 September …….nine eleven…..the unforgettable day, four jet were crashed on New York World Trade Centre…..3000 people are died…..simply close your eyes and memories those days. 

Short History of Patriot Day - Nine-Eleven 

Nine Eleven day as Patriot Day acknowledge by United States Laws at the authorized day of memory for who pass away in dreadful activity done by terrorist. Every year on same day American flags are half fly with all American are following silence at 8.45 am positively. Even as programme take place on whole USA, because that its effect goes into whole world and therefore whole world observed as patriot day. 

View of Nine Eleven - Patriot Day 

So sad….we are inculcate those days…..how to….These days lots off way you can observe nine eleven day….simple way by attending honor to who were on the big ground of September 11th… 11 -9….. on the day of remember post ma message on social media due to missing of who lives. 

First jet planes crashed into north and south towers of WTC in lower and within 45 minutes WTC are completely collapsed. And third jet crashed on the pentagon and fourth was flown on Washington DC. 

It is really great ideas to use this day to pay attention to the citizen who pass away on the day of 11th September. Even who injured and dies as significance of the failing tower and the so many brave citizens are risked their lives to try help who was in trouble.

Impact of 9/11 on Economic

The nine eleven attacks had an negative effect on the US economy as well as so many wall street organizations including the New York stock exchange after attack. The bigger losses were in finance and air transport, which cumulative 60 percentage loss.