Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Trik Bhavno Ki Gatha Book written by Amrita Pritam hindi Book free download with Review

Trik Bhavno Ki Gatha's book is based on Indian astrology and specially focused on houses six, eight, and twelve accountable for high and law in the life of human beings. This book is based and founded on Lal Kitab astrology. 


The content of the book is very simple and in very easy language. This book is considered Vedic astrology and it is part of the planetary position in recent astrology. This book is explained very well as reflect is in the palm, therefore it is very well known as Astro Palmistry. 

In those days fast-changing world as we all know very well, our day-to-day is very hectic. Also in career, relationship, family, home and another factor to effect to us. It is very hard to peaceful life. 

This book is the prediction on is on the base planetary position based on twelve houses. According to the same book, when the planets are influenced by roaming to the houses and then which house these seated in is most important for human life.

Trick Bhavan books are the little branch of astrology, which covered most of the dimensions of human life which are not covered even in traditional astrology. This book is written by Amrita Pritam and published by Shailalekh publication in the year of 2017.

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