16 April, 2021

Very First Sight Words Sentences Level - 1| free book download

Very First Sight Words and Sentences – a set of two books suitable for children aged 4 years and above. Sight words are those words that are most commonly used in speech and writing. This set is supported with colourful pictures and simple sentences that help kids spot the sight words and build confidence with early literacy skills.

In my opinion good is book . Font size is big and key words of sentences are given as picture on the right side.they have covered all sight words in book 1 and book 2. But I have two concerns. 1st there is no exercise in book 1 at all. Book 2 have few last pages of practice but that is fill in the blanks for missing letter in sight words. There is no sentence with blanks to fill.

2nd. All capital" I "written like thia (WIC is correct) but we in books make kids write capital I with sleeping lines on top and bottom. this capital I is same as small letter l. Which looks exactly same. I did not notice it in first go. But wen my son started reading it with phonics he made the sound l instead i then I realized . And this issue is everywhere in the book. It is very confusing when capital I and small l comes together . Kindly refer the picture. This book will help child to recognize the word and how to use in WIC situation and whole sentence framing but child won't be able to write.

My 5 yr old daughter likes this book so much since it contains a number of words familiar to her, & some sight words & when these are combined into sentences with pictures alongside, it makes it even more appealing! On top of that there are a number of stars at the bottom of each page that can be colored as & when the child finishes reading each sentence- instant gratification! The sentences may be a bit repetitive but it helps to reinforce the words learnt at school... From 3-word sentences it slowly builds up to short paragraphs using a central word eg. 'very', 'an', 'into'.

I generally don't write reviews on Amazon, however I genuinely like to appreciate the content of this book and how systematically and thoughtfully this book is written. Over a period of 2 weeks, I can see my child starts capturing the words and started reading by her own. This books starts from small words and then expose to large words and also the reference of previously introduced words are there in the ongoing word, so revision takes place automatically for the previous words and it gets fits in child memory.

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