16 June, 2021

Where is Baan Stambh at Somnath Temple Gujarat

Do you know the highlights of the bolt column raised in the patio of the 1500 year old Somnath sanctuary? All things considered, the historical backdrop of Somnath sanctuary has been odd and great. Somnath is the primary Jyotirlinga among the 12 Jyotirlingas. The Somnath sanctuary was assaulted a few times and plundered! The intruders removed gold, silver, jewels, rubies, pearls and different trucks. Even in the wake of plundering such a lot of abundance, each time Somnath's Shivalaya remained with a similar wonder! Yet, Somnath isn't significant in view of this quality !!!

The sanctuary of Somnath is on the west bank of India and in the known history of millennia this Arabian ocean has never crossed its cutoff points !! I don't have a clue the number of tempests came, twisters came however no tempest, storm, typhoon made any harm the sanctuary !!!

There is a column in the regions of this sanctuary which is known as "Banastambha". It is extremely hard to show when this segment has been situated there. This column stands out forever in about the 6th century. However, this doesn't imply that the bolt section was inherent the sixth century !!! It is accepted to have been shaped many years prior .This is a directional section with a bolt pointing at the ocean. The engraving on the column peruses - "Whole lunar way toward the South Pole" which implies - "There is definitely not a solitary hindrance in an orderly fashion starting here toward the South Pole" i.e., "There is certifiably not a solitary land parcel in this whole distance." .

Individuals get dazed when they read about this segment interestingly !!! Did Indians have this information such countless years prior? How could this be conceivable? Also, perhaps even evident how much the world legacy of rich information disclosed to us !!! The importance of this line written in Sanskrit contains numerous obscure implications ..... The basic importance of this line is that if a straight line is drawn from the mark of Somnath sanctuary toward the South Pole (for example Antarctica) then, at that point no land comes in the middle .... !!!

Is this valid? It is feasible to discover it in the present time of framework science, however it isn't so natural !!! In the event that you search in Google Map, the plot isn't apparent yet you need to amplify the guide to see the more modest plots. On the off chance that you look calmly, not a solitary plot comes, that is, you need to totally accept that there is truth in this refrain !!!

However, that being said the first inquiry stays as before. Regardless of whether we expect that the column was inherent the year 500, where did we get the information that the earth is the south pole around then? Well ..... regardless of whether we expect that the South Pole was known, then, at that point who did the planning that the land doesn't arrive in an orderly fashion from the Somnath sanctuary toward the South Pole? How did

Everything is superb !!! This implies that during the development of the "Column", the Indians had the information that the earth is round. Not just the earth has a south pole  yet in addition information !!! How did this get conceivable? What instrument was accessible for "flying perspective" of the earth? Or on the other hand was there a created guide of the earth?  There is a study of making maps called "map making" in English ! This is antiquated sacred text. Guides of the planets and stars in the sky were found in caverns tracing all the way back to 4,000 to 6,000 years before Jesus, however there is no agreement on who made the main guide of the earth!

Since there is no confirmation of our Indian information, this honor is given to a Greek researcher named "Aneximander". His residency was from 911 BCE to 6 years BCE, yet the guide he made was in its outset! Back then, where there was information on human home, just that amount was appeared on the guide. That is the reason there was no motivation to show the North and South Poles in that guide. The guide that carries the present world nearer to the truth was made by "Henriques Martellus" around 160 AD! It is accepted that Columbus and Vasco da Gama chose their journey dependent on this guide !! This thought of "the earth is round" was communicated by certain researchers in Europe. "Annexemander" (500 BC) believed the earth to be a chamber. Aristotle (6-7 BC) additionally thought to be the earth to be round.

Yet, in India this information has been there since days of yore and we additionally get its evidence. Going ahead based on this information, Aryabhata has arranged the width of this round earth around the year 500. (That is, as per the new principles, it is 3 kilometers) likewise showed solidly. With the assistance of the present cutting edge innovation, the width of the earth is viewed as 200 km. This implies that there is a hole of just 0.5% in Aryabhata's appraisal which can be disregarded. Where did Aryabhata get this information around one and a half thousand years prior?

In 2006, the well known German history specialist Joseph Schwartzberg demonstrated that map making was profoundly evolved in India just more than two thousand years prior! Town arranging maps were accessible at that point, yet there were additionally maps required for cruising. Route has been created in India since old occasions. The manner by which the images of Hindu culture can be seen all over South Asia, proposes that Indian boats used to cruise toward the east to Japan, crossing the islands of Java, Sumatra and Javanese. Stays of more than two thousand years prior have been found in the "Lothal" of Gujarat. Yet, the main inquiry that strikes a chord is that there is no deterrent in the ocean in an orderly fashion up toward the South Pole.

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