10 June, 2021

Simple steps for the process of urgent getting Bio fuel from plant cells

Today, the increasing consumption of petroleum in industries, commercial sectors and transportation is seeing more carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere than in the last four million years. As a result, the emission of harmful greenhouse gases into the Earth's atmosphere has begun to increase. To prevent this damage to the environment, bio fuels were started to be made from corn, but the idea was not recognized as corn is used as food in humans and animals. Since then, many researchers have been done around the world to prepare bio fuel from plants and the use of bio fuel is currently taking place in many countries. But today, the process of making bio fuels around the world is very cumbersome and expensive.

The process by which bio fuels can be obtained in the world right now is very expensive but the plant cells I have worked on and optimized the process will help in getting more bio fuels from plants in the future. The current method of obtaining bio fuels is to use acid to perform a thermo chemical treatment to break down the hardened cell hemicelluloses structure of the plant stem and to heat it to 170 degrees and work on the broken structure of this cell. By adding enzymes we get glucose then by adding microbes we can get ethanol and produce bio fuel from it.

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  1. After production and processing how much cost for one liter Bio fuel sir