07 July, 2021

The Substance and the Shadow: An Autobiography of Dipil Kumar | Free English eBook Download

The Substance And The Shadow: An Autobiography is the autobiography of the veteran actor, Yousuf Khan, popularly known as Dilip Kumar. This book consists of various interesting anecdotes from the life of Dilip Kumar, the legend who captured many hearts with his prolific performances.

Dilip Kumar, arguably the greatest Indian actor to have ever blazed the silver screen, is an icon in every sense of the term. His journey in movies is nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. This book covers his whole journey right from his struggling days to his meeting with Devika Rani which led to him getting a break in movies to the glorious era of movies like Andaz, Daag and Devdas to name a few.

It also covers sensitive areas such as his own affected psyche because of playing a tragedian in movies time and again and how he recovered from it by doing rib-ticklingly funny movies. Moreover, the book also gives us an insight into the fairy tale love story of Dilip Kumar and the ethereal beauty Saira Banu and their wonderful marriage.

The Substance And The Shadow: An Autobiography will prove to be an enjoyable book for any Bollywood movie buff as it gives them an opportunity to get insights about the biggest star of Hindi films from the legend himself. The book is in its first edition and was published by Hay House India in 2014. It is available in hardcover.

People like Amitabh Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, Priyanka Chopra, Aamir Khan, Javed Akhtar wear present at the launch of this book.

Little known facts about Dilip Kumar's life, such as the reasons for not marrying the stunningly beautiful Madhubala, are also disclosed in the book.

What else can be given rather than 5 stars.It is the autobiography of the best actor our film industry have ever had.The book took the reader to a wonderful voyage of Yousuf Sahab's life.What a great actor and person he is.Long Live Dilip Kumar.. --Harsh Sharma Mar 22, 2015

read this book to know what a legend Mr. Dilip Kumar is..i personally think that it is more of a biography because,with due respect,Dilip sahab's memory and recall are not fully functional for the past many years..anyways it is a very well written book and after reading it i think that Dilip Sahab deserves a Bharat Ratna for sure!! --Tabish Mar 1, 2015

Autobiography gives you an insight to the persons life. Many known and many unknown facts. The struggle, the sacrifice, the love of the family, the mistakes committed in life, the efforts put in to get the desired results, the humane side of the person and the suffering undergone in life - all these - helps the reader to know the individual. A good inspiring book. --S.M.A.Millath Dec 19, 2014

Udaya Tara Nayar is a famous journalist and writer who penned the thoughts of Dilip Kumar for his autobiography, The Substance and The Shadow: An Autobiography.

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