20 September, 2021

Birth Centenary of Satyajit Ray

Born into a family of reputed artists, Satyajit Ray (1921—1992) were a motion-film director, writer, illustrator, and composer. Often touted as the figure that put Indian cinema on the world map, Ray earned eleven international prizes for his masterpiece “Pather Panchali”, including an honorary Oscar in 1992 for his contribution to cinema. He directed 36 independent films which included short films and documentaries. Besides films, Ray also wrote novels and short fiction predominantly for children and young adults. Among others, characters like Feluda, the skillful sleuth, and Professor Shonku, the sharp-witted scientist are popular to date. The Government of India awarded him the Bharat Ratna – the highest civilian award in the country – shortly before his death.

This year is the birth centenary of the auteur. We pay our homage to this maestro by featuring a collection containing 38 manuscripts, a movie by Ray, a couple of books, short stories and news published in Newspapers, a discussion on the cinemas that he made, and some articles and theses on him.

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