30 April, 2022

Book Review "Love Unlocked" By Kavita Bhatnagar | Best seller Book in April 2022

Youthful and fantastic, Priyanka needs to break liberated from her working-class life to enjoy unlimited extravagance and comfort. She is yearning for an accomplice who can spoil her by giving her an agreeable life. True and reasonable, Varun is searching for a buddy who can acknowledge and embrace his loved ones. Along with her, he needs to stroll towards a superior life. Their marriage turns into a pathway for them to understand their fantasies. However, their satisfaction is brief as change issues crop up. Can she adjust to her new existence without losing her character? Love Unlocked Will a basic spot of destiny unite them? Love Unlocked is a captivating story that builds up the force of family and getting through connections. It is an enthralling interpretation of tracking down harmony.

Love Unlocked story revolves around a young girl, Priyanka who gets pretty excited while getting into college. The parties, fests & her wish to have a boyfriend who would pamper her. Varun, on other hand a sober and simple guy, handsome & hardworking with deep respect towards his parents always focused on working with integrity. Facing a few ups & downs in college, Priyanka realized it's better to focus on a career. Her parents were looking for a good match for their daughter Priyanka. Sapna & Sikha her two sisters at times teased her. She met Varun when her parents arranged a meeting at her place when they were planning for Priyanka's arranged marriage. How did Priyanka change after meeting Varun? Written in very simple & lucid language, the author makes the story so simple yet effective to make readers hooked till the last page! I just finished the book in one and a half hours and it just felt as if I was drowned in Priyanka & Varun's life and talking to them. Despite lots of misunderstandings, and differences of opinions how did Priyanka change from being self-centered and selfish to a selfless giver & always taking a stand for her family find out by reading the entire novel!

A sweet and simple story Love Unlocked revolves around Priyanka and Varun's life, just like every other couple trying to sustain their relationship with their joint family. The plot has been presented in such a realistic manner as if you feel you are present at Varun and Priyanka's place. Anyone from a diversified genre! Even if you are a hardcore non-fiction lover like me, still this book will make you feel like a smooth trip to different phases of human life, love, and what it takes to sustain it throughout life! A sweet read giving you relaxing vibes.

Love Unlocked is a refreshing take on the turbulent emotions of a woman thru the journey of her life. Thankfully in the end it neither indulges in self-pity nor justifies the arrogant & dry behavior of the protagonist Priyanka. It's an organic evolution from a young girl who is trying-to-prove -herself independent to a mature loving & responsible family woman. A very good lesson for the GenZ is to learn to introspect, empathize & look beyond oneself at an emotional level. Kudos to Kavita for such a forward-thinking progressive thought!

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