Friday, April 29, 2022

Review of I Came Upon a Lighthouse: A Short Memoir of Life with Ratan Tata By Shantanu Naidu


I Came Upon a Lighthouse: A Short Memoir of Life with 

Ratan Tata

I began reading 'i came upon a lighthouse' a lovely book by Shantanu Naidu, and finished it in one go!

Shantanu woos his readers with his simple yet convincing choice of words and slides you with his journey along with the truly 'Lighthouse' for all, none other than.

While reading this book, you feel as if Shantanu is casually talking to you, face to face.. and with a roller coaster of emotional rides and subdued humor, we come to know Mr. Tata not only as a business tycoon but as a soft-spoken, animal lover, kind-hearted, generous human, who too has a pool of emotions like any other common man.

It is interesting to read, how initially, mutual love for stray dogs brought Shantanu and Mr.Tata close to each other and gradually this acquaintance turned into a mature bond of faith and friendship.

Illustrations and sketches in this book by Sanjana Desai are vivid, convincing, and true to the narration. She has powerfully depicted the various emotional incidences through her bold lines and colors.

Both.. the author #Shantanu, and illustrator #Sanjana are youngsters in their twenties and have created an amazing piece of work that, any reader of all age groups will surely appreciate.

Loads of blessings and best wishes to Shantanu, Sanjana and the whole team of this book 'i came upon a lighthouse'!

All of us are always curious about how legendary personalities conduct themselves in their professional and personal life. And if such persons are Tatas then we are further intrigued by how they are so great while being so simple and humble.

I was aware of Shantanu’s association and his journey with Mr. Ratan Tata and was always curious about how this bond of a millennial must be working with an octogenarian with such a gap on all the fronts (age, experience, maturity, exposure, etc). A naturally flowing trail in this book, answers it all while keeping you very gripping & engaging throughout the read, covering his learnings through a very close association with Mr. Tata as a friend, mentor, and boss.

Though I have the highest respect for Tatas through my working with them for almost four decades, this book has taken the same to a new level.

The book is very beautifully written. It's a mix of wittiness, emotions, and honesty and tells about Mr. Tata as he is. Also, it tells a lot about the author, his journey till now, and all his experiences with Mr. Tata. It also clearly shows us how good-hearted the author is regarding the animals and all the people in need. It was such a delight to read it and I love the unique friendship that they share. And the illustrations by Sanjana Desai are the most soothing and heartwarming. All the proceeds from this book are going for the welfare of animals in need and that's awesome.

This book has restored my faith in humanity. The flawless kindness we are all capable of, the true meaning of friendship, and most importantly the sincerity of a human being. I'm in awe of Mr. Ratan Tata and the values he upholds. And moreover proud of the author for constantly leveling up to be the best he can be in service to a legend.

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