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Horrid Henry Wakes The Dead By Francesca Simon | Book Reviewed by Shubham Shamdasani Adani Public School


Horrid Henry Wakes the Dead Book by Francesca Simon
( Book Reviewed by Shubham Shamdasani)

Horrid Henry Wakes the Dead Book Written by Francesca Simon, is a very interesting book. it was one of the wonderful books which I read. Horrid Henry is a series of 25 interesting books written by Francesca Simon.


Henry is a very mischievous boy. I think he is the only boy in the world who wants to be a bad boy. The book is basically divided into four chapters. In, the first chapter henry and his brother Peter fight for the black comfortable chair. In their house, it is a rule that the person who is sitting on that chair will be having control over the television. Henry plans a trap for having control over television. But, he got trapped in his own trap. In the second chapter, there is an election for the chief head of the school. 

Henry stands as a candidate. He wins the election. But he resigns in the thought of the work he has to do. The fourth chapter is the last chapter which is regarding the title. There is a talent competition in his school the winner will go to a TV show. Henry becomes a magician. He appoints his brother as his assistant. His magic was to wake the dead. He was announced as the winner after that, peter jumps out and said he also won.


HORRID HENRY WAKES THE DEAD book is absolutely amazing! The cover page of HORRID HENRY WAKES THE DEAD is beautiful and very intriguing and the story is amazing. The vocabulary of HORRID HENRY WAKES THE DEAD is a very high standard and it makes it a very enjoyable read.

Francesca Simon has written over 45 books and won the Children's Book of the Year in 2008 at the Galaxy British Book Awards. Francesca Simon now lives in London with her family. 


Hello, My name is Shubham Shamdasani studying in class VII at Adani Public School, Mundra. Reading books is my hobby. I can spend many hours alone if I am with books. Books are my BEST friends indeed.

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