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The Best Project By Sally Rippin | Book Reviewed by Aarya Ashish Narad Adani Public School


The Best Project By Sally Rippin
( Book Reviewed by Aarya Ashish Narad )

The Best Project is a superb book written by Sally Rippin. Sally Rippin has a total of 20 books in this series. This is book is on one of the best projects Billie has made so far. Billie’s temporary teacher, Miss Swan has decided that Billie’s class will make a model city and everyone will bring something to put in!! Billie has decided to make something different, unlike others. Jack has made a house out of a box. “Others are making a boring house or a hospital,” says Billie. Usually, Lola is good at making projects. But she is making a hospital. At last, after thinking about the project Billie thinks to make a fancy tower. Billie started making it with sticks and glue but the tower was falling again and again. Billie was feeling crossed and she sat near the window. 


Her father came to the room to see how’s Billie’s project going but Billie was sitting near the window upset. Her father went to her and they together started making the project with stronger glue and sticks. At last, a beautiful fancy tower was made. Billie was very happy to see her project expecting that Miss Swan would keep her tower right in the middle of the city. She told that she will keep it after Baby Noah goes to sleep. Billie went downstairs to the living room to keep the tower. Billie was late usual than every day to go to sleep. 

The next morning she was late to wake up. Mother called her for the breakfast. Billie went downstairs for breakfast. Father poured milk into her cereal and she started eating. After a while she heard a noise just after her chair she moved around and saw Baby Noah with sticks in his hand. “The tower” Billie and Father together screamed. Billie yelled at Baby Noah for destroying her yesterday’s whole hard work. Baby Noah started crying, Father took Baby Noah on his shoulders. Billie felt sorry for yelling at Baby Noah. Just after Jack came to Billie’s house to take her to school. Billie and Jack are best friends; they always go to school together. Billie was in a hurry to go to school, but her project was destroyed. She went to her room in a hurry made something there wrapped cloth to the project and left for school. 


There everyone was looking at Lola’s project, no one even cared to look at someone’s other project rather than Lola’s. Lola made a hospital which has beds and patients lying on that, she also had tiny furniture for the staff some tiny stuff and much more!! Lola is going crazy. When Billie’s teacher, Miss Swan entered the class she was impressed seeing the models made by the children. When Miss Swan went to Billie’s place, Billie finally removed the cloth. She has made a beautiful sculpture!!! 

Everyone was laughing at Billie’s sculpture, and Billie was feeling upset seeing everyone laughing at her project. But Miss Swan liked her project very much; Miss Swan was very impressed by seeing her project. Miss Swan placed her project right in the middle of the model city. She was very glad to see her project in the middle of the city. The Best Project book by Sally Rippin is a wonder for youngsters. Sally Rippin has given this book the right path. This book has an interest, morals, suspense, kindness, courage, hope, and whatnot!!! I will surely recommend this book, especially for youngsters.

Aarya Ashish Narad

Hello, Myself Aarya Ashish Narad studying in class VII at Adani Public School, Mundra. Reading is my hobby indeed. I am a bookworm. Reading and writing help to build up our communication skills, and memory.

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