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Book Review The Mysterius Mannequin By Carolyn Keene | Book Reviewed by Priya Sodham, Adani Public School


The Mysterius Mannequin is a mystery book written by Carolyn Keene. It was published in the year 1970 by PENGUIN USA. This book it’s a mystery about a mannequin, which used to be a display of a dress in a shop 2 years before. The lead character of this book is a girl who is a detective and has solved many more mystery cases before. Those are some other storybooks written by Carolyn Keene.

The main character of this book is a teenage girl named Nancy Drew. Nancy is a detective and she has one more mysterious case to solve. The case starts when her father who is a lawyer receives a mysterious package that had come from Istanbul, Turkey. The package didn’t have the sender’s address or name. The package had a Turkish prayer rug. Nancy’s father remembered a Turkish client, ‘Farouk Tahmasp’ but 2 years ago he had suddenly disappeared.

The title of the book has the name mannequin because when Nancy looks closely at the patterns of the rug she finds a hidden message that said “Find mannequin”. This is how the search begins. Three of Nancy’s friends, two girls Bess and George, and a boy, Ned help Nancy to find the mannequin. Apart from the mystery of the mannequin, this book also has other interesting mysteries. Like; later in the story, a burglar breaks into Nancy’s house and tries to steal the Turkish rug. Then suddenly Bess gets kidnapped and some more mysteries.

Though this story has many ups and downs in the last finally Nancy solves the case but how; that you have to read. It’s a really interesting story and once you sit to read, you would not feel like getting up. Overall this is the best book I have read and I want more books like this one to read. There are lots of Nancy Drew Mystery Stories and I am sure all of them would be fantastic and interesting to read.


The book review above that you just read was written by me, that’s Priya Sodham, a student of class 8th of Adani Public School.

Reading is one of my favorite hobbies. Most of the time I take storybooks to read when I go to my native place or somewhere else. During COVID-19, I didn’t have any story books to read but after schools reopened, I got a chance to issue books from Library and read them. I love to read Mystery and Horror storybooks and The Mysterious Mannequin is one of my favorites.

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