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SLIM21 Library Automation Software | Pricing, Features & Reviews 2021 | SLIM21 software | Library Management Software

About SLIM21


SLIM21 is a fully featured Library Management Software designed to serve all types of libraries, Enterprises, and Startups. SLIM21 provides end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. This online Library Management system offers Church Libraries, Barcoding /RFID, School Libraries, Fee collections, and Public Libraries in one place.


SLIM21 Description :

This is the product earlier to SLIM21 is an integrated, multi-user, multi-tasking library management software developed using VB as the front and Posture SQL on Linux as the back end. This product is very popular among the research institutes which normally work on the Linux platform.

SLIM21 database resides on a centralized computer and gets updated from other computers as per the access rights assigned to different users as well as SLIM21 software is a multi-user system, which works on a network of computers.

SLIM21 Features :

• Inventory Management

• Acquisition Management

• Circulation Management

• Fee Collection


• Periodicals Management

• Reserve Shelf Management

• Serials Management

• Barcoding/RFID

• School Libraries

• Self Check-in/Check-out

• Public Libraries

• Church Libraries

• Private Libraries

• Law Libraries


What are the main features of SLIM21?

The key features of SLIM21 are as follows:

label acquisition Management

labeled Collection

labelPeriodicals Management

label Serials Management

labelSchool Libraries

labelPublic Libraries

label Private Libraries


How much does SLIM21 cost?
Cost not specified.

Free trial :

Who are the typical users of SLIM21?

SLIM21 has the following typical customers: Startups, SMEs, Agencies, Enterprises

Which operating system does SLIM21 support?

SLIM21 supports the following operating system: Web App, and Windows.


SLIM is a web-based library management system to automate all your library processes and provides for interactive user experience

SLIM follows a modular approach and offers essential modules like Acquisition, Cataloguing, Circulation, and Serials to help you acquire, catalog, and circulate books, films, sound recordings, drawings, clippings, articles, reports, letters, pamphlets, serials publications, etc.

In addition to these, SLIM offers other advanced modules such as Statistics, CAS, SDI, SMS, etc. that may be selected depending on your specific requirements.

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