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Ben 10 Alien Force : Double Negative | Book Reviewed by Manav Rathore Adani Public School


The Ben 10 Alien Force: Double Negative book is written by Charlotte Fullerton. This book, it is telling that how a boy whom his friends thought was real but was not. He was the evil version of that boy. When his friends came to this, they fight with that evil version to reach their friend. The evil version knew where the real boy was, but he didn’t say that. In the unknown place, the real boy was. If you want to know what happened with the real boy and if they meet again, so read the review. The book was very good and I recommended my friends to read this book.

Ben 10 Alien Force: Double Negative book is about a 15-year-old teenager Ben Tennyson. He was having a girlfriend named Julie Yamamoto. Ben was not having his Omnitrix at that time. They were gone outside in a burger shop.

There they meet their friends. Ben meets his cousin Gwen and his friend Kevin. “There was a change in Ben’s behaviour” discussed Julie with Gwen and Kevin. That night Ben was not sleeping. Then he went to a dark room.

He was seeing it and suddenly two people appeared. It was Gwen and Kevin. Then there comes a twist. Guess what? It was not Ben; it was Ben’s negative form Albedo. He was just the opposite of Ben. He was evil. Albedo knew that there were real Ben and his Omnitrix.

While Gwen and Kevin were fighting with Albedo, Ben was trying to get out of the unknown place without Omnitrix. Kevin and Gwen were trying to speak out about where Ben was there from Albedo. Albedo was attacking Kevin and Gwen with different weapons.

Kevin and Gwen try to defend themselves. When they got a chance, they attack them with their weapons. Gwen attacked with her manna energy and Kevin attacked with his iron anvil. While Ben was thinking to escape, suddenly he saw a black coloured big alien coming towards him to attack Ben. Ben was going anywhere only to escape from that big alien.

When Ben reached one room, he saw something bright in colour green. When he went nearer to him; that was the moment where happiness was not having his limits for Ben, because it was Ben’s signature watch ‘Omnitrix’. Seeing this Ben got the confidence to fight. He transforms into his favourite alien Heat blast. When he first attacked with Heat blast he saw that the alien became weak. So, he continuously attacked him.

The fight continues for a long time. In the fight, Ben won. After defeating the alien, Ben asked the name of that alien. The alien replied,” Vilgax”. Back on Earth Gwen and Kevin defeated Albedo.

Then Ben reached the Earth. Seeing Ben safely, Gwen, Kevin, and Julie become happy. From that day, Ben was having his Omnitrix and saved the world.


Hi, I am Manav Rathore. I study in 7th at Adani Public School. One of my hobbies is reading books. When I start reading books, I feel energetic. There is a habit that before going to sleep I read at least 5-10 pages. Reading books give us knowledge so we all should read books.

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