Monday, October 17, 2022

Book Review Finding your strength in difficult times | Book Reviewed by Dhatri Dave Adani Public School

Finding your strength in difficult times book written by David Viscott. There is a total of 257 chapters in this book. Finding your strength in difficult times contains so many meaningful sentences.

The main motive of Finding your strength in difficult times is to motivate people who are depressed and make them happy in their life to achieve what they want. Difficult times are as temporary as happy times are. They just come to make a person more strong and make them an experienced person.

There are many people in this world who feel that they don’t have a person with whom they can share everything or one who is trustable. The best thing one can do in the situation of not having anyone trustable is “TRUST YOURSELF” never think that you cannot stay alone or that without any support you can’t get a successful life. Success is something that anyone can achieve by having trust in their own. There are infinite things to learn in life. Listening more rather than speaking and gaining knowledge is something that can make a person more knowledgeable. Some people feel that they cannot compete with today’s generation and thinks to quit but this is totally wrong. Even if someone is demotivating you, you need to stay strong and show them your power (not physically but by doing the things they said you can’t). The best feeling comes while doing the things people said you can’t. Never think that you are less than someone. You are perfect in your own way.


I am Dhatri Dave, a student of Adani Public School, Mundra-Kutch studying in class 10th. One of my favourite thing to do in my free time is read such books. Reading books can help in many things such as it can improve vocabulary, also it helps to reduce stress and many more.

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